• How is the test performed?


    ○ (Sample collection) Samples are collected by physicians, nurses, and medical technicians at designated locations (COVID-19 screening centers, etc.). Upper respiratory tract sampling is mandatory, while lower respiratory tract sampling is optional for patients with sputum. You may experience discomfort/pain while the sample is being collected.

    ※ Nurses and medical technicians will collect samples under the guidance of physicians.

    Upper respiratory

    tract sample

    Combination of a nasal (nasopharyngeal) and throat (oropharyngeal) swab (in one tube)

    - (Nasal swab) insert a cotton swab into the nostril until it reaches the posterior nares

    - (Throat swab) insert a cotton swab and scrape the insides of the throat

    Lower respiratory tract sample

    Sample is collected by spitting sputum into a container, making sure that it is not contaminated by other liquids

    - Forcefully coughing up sputum is strictly prohibited as it may produce aerosol


    ○ (DNA testing) screening centers that are not equipped to do their own testing will send tests to reference laboratories.