• What measures are taken at multi-purpose facilities exposed to COVID-19?


    ※ Refer to Guidelines on Disinfecting Public Facilities and Multi-purpose Facilities (edition 3-1)

    ○ Identify where the patient has been and decide on the scope and method of disinfection.

    ○ If unable to identify where the patient has been, map out a disinfection plan based on areas most used and in contact with the general public.

    ○ Areas (zones) within the multi-purpose facility that the patient has not used may be disinfected by the facility operators as normal.

    ○ Areas that the patient used and require disinfection must be cleared out. The time it takes to reopen the disinfected space for use will differ depending on the type of disinfectant and ventilation methods used.

    - Although the virus will die after disinfection, reopening the space to the general public must take into careful consideration the nature of the disinfectant that was used.

    ○ Given the odor and toxicity of sodium hypochlorite (household bleach), areas disinfected with sodium hypochlorite should be ventilated until the day after disinfection and may be used the next day.