• How do you disinfect the house when a family member contracts the COVID-19 virus?



    [Refer to the Disinfection Guidelines to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 at Public Facilities and Multi-purpose Facilities (edition 3-1)]



    1. Put on a hygiene mask and gloves before beginning disinfection and refrain from touching your face and eyes during the cleaning and disinfection process.

    * Depending on the circumstances, masks, goggles, face masks, disposable waterproof aprons, and other personal protective equipment should be used

    2. Prepare a diluted disinfectant

    * Follow precautions and instructions provided by the manufacturer, or 1000ppm diluted sodium hypochlorite (household bleach), etc. (appendix 6)

    3. Keep windows open to ventilate the area.

    4. Repeatedly disinfect the floor of the area that needs disinfection, applying the disinfectant from one end to the other.

    5. Soak a cloth (towel) in the disinfectant and clean all surfaces that are frequently used* and surfaces in bathrooms.

    * Door knob, arm rest, desk, chair, keyboard, mouse, switch, blinds, windows, walls, etc.

    6. Bedding, pillow covers, blankets, etc. should be washed in the washing machine in warm water with detergent.

    * Make sure to use fabric disinfectants (appendix 6, refer to Table 3-3) at 60℃ or below as per manufacturer instructions as they may produce toxic gas and damage your clothing

    7. Mattresses, pillows, carpets, cushions used by a person suspected of contracting COVID-19 should not be used until the test results come back.

    * If tests results are positive, mattresses, carpets, and other items that are difficult to wash should be sent to a professional disinfecting service provider or disinfected with steam (high temperature)

    8. All cloths (towels) used to disinfect and waste produced during disinfection should be placed in a separate trash bag.

    9. Take off your disposable gown and wash your hands with soap and water → take off your gloves and wash your hands with soap and water → take off your goggles and wash your hands with soap and water → take off your hygiene mask and wash your hands with soap and water.

    10. Place your disposable gown, gloves, and masks in a separate trash bag each time you take them off.

    11. All waste produced during the disinfection process should be treated/disposed of separately

    ☞ Refer to [Appendix] Special Safety Management Measures for Waste Related to COVID-19 (March 2, 2020)

    12. Shower and change clothes immediately after cleaning.

    13. Ventilate the disinfected area

    14. If the person who disinfected the area develops a fever or respiratory symptoms within 14 days of disinfection, he/she should remain in a designated area within the facility and the KCDC call center (1339 or region code+120) or a public health clinic should be contacted

      □ It is recommended that you request the services of a professional disinfecting company if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19