• I have made reservations for a trip abroad. Is it okay to travel?


    ○ Extra precautions must be taken for overseas travel given the global spread of COVID-19. Refer to global updates about the virus at “Overseas Infectious Diseases NOW” published by KCDC and make sure to check the “Safe Overseas Travel” website published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a list of countries that have banned entry of Korean travelers and countries that have imposed restrictions on entry as a part of quarantine and other disease prevention measures.

    ※ (Overseas Infectious Diseases NOW) http://www.해외감염병now.kr/infect/occurrence_list.do

    (Safe Overseas Travel, MOFA)http://www.0404.go.kr/dev/main.mofa


    ▶ Before departure

    - Refer to “Overseas Infectious Diseases NOW” published by KCDC for updates about the global outbreak and guidelines for preventing infections.

    - Refer to Safe Overseas Travel published by MOFA for the latest updates on countries that have imposed restrictions on entering the country.


    ▶ During your stay

    - Avoid contact with poultry and wild animals.

    - Avoid contact with symptomatic people (fever, difficulty breathing, etc.)

    - Avoid visiting locations where there is risk of infection such as local marketplaces.

    - Follow strict personal sanitation rules such as washing your hands and observing coughing etiquette.


     ▶ After travelling abroad

    -Contact the KCDC call center (☎1339 or region code + 120) or public health clinic if you develop a fever or respiratory symptoms (coughing, difficulty breathing, etc.) within 14 days of arrival.

    -If you wish to get a physician’s opinion about suspicious symptoms, the first step is to visit a COVID-19 screening center in your region,

    -And make sure to provide physicians information about your travel record before getting a checkup.